New Product ISOPRO 618B Freshly Online

  Nature continues the future. Sinoglory has developed another brand new generation of soy protein products – ISOPRO 618B which is specifically researched for beverage and diary industry.
  Since 618B has been introduced to the domestic market from 1st Jan, 2011 in China, most clients gave their recognition generously for the satisfaction. “618B might be the greatest innovation in soy protein industry, 2011” a feedback from one of the customers in Neimeng, China.
  Sinoglory 618B is ready for the global marketing with the excellent dispersing ability and wonderful dissolubility, also perfect color performance before and after hydration. For the specific properties, 610B can be widely used in beverage area and diary industry.
  Sinoglory has been always ready for the better products with the best service. We will be there with you with whatever you need.